Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday - Day 5 of Nationals 2010

This was the busiest and hardest most tiring day of all! Started with prechamp Smooth... which we won, woohooo!!! Then it was Prechamp Standard and Prechamp Latin, a couple hour break for lunch and rest, and then the night event, Champ Smooth.
After winning Prechamp smooth, thanks only to my new heel protectors that helped me stay balanced, 4th in Prechamp standard was the most unexpected success. I remember thinking, "Let's just make it to the second round!" After seeing our number on the screen I was ecstatic. Next I thought we'd be lucky to make it to the next round but didnt hope for much, and then we did! My hope, but not expectation, was only to make semi's and we were now in quarters. By the end of that round my feet were in almost unbearable pain and I thought we were done. Then again, our number on that screen and the next round. I thought thats it, my goal complete, I dont think I even want to be in the finals anymore... I dont think my feet will survive the finals, but then Alex comes up and says, "Well I hope you have one more in you... because were in the finals!" Being very tired, the key to dancing is revealed...stay relaxed! It helps. But if you want to know the real reason why we danced to so well?...Because Andrei Gavriline was watching that entire Standard section and I danced and smiled my heart out for him, well and for ourselves as well, but you know. Anyway, it was fun, we did great! I was happy and the pain was worth it.

Prechamp Latin took us to our goal: semifinals. I cannot believe that my favorite Rumba songs came on for one of the rounds. It was an amazing experience. Also they played this fun reggaeton Samba and for some reason, similarly as in the Arnold dance comp during the samba I had this feeling come over me halfway through, a feeling rejoicing, "This is so much fun! This is why I dance!" To feel the music overtake your body, the rhythm pumping through you, your body responds to it with joy and movement.

After the complete exhaustion, nourishing and abundant food and a nap are in due order. We went to this classic LA breakfast joint called the Pantry. I think I got one of the omelettes, and then we split a peach cobbler... let me just mention how enormous all the portions are to match the prices.

Although we didn't get past the first round (Semi's) of Champ Smooth, it was exhilarating to be under those night event lights.

Then of course we watched the Youth Champ Standard and Adult Champ Latin. And we took pictures. Im not one too much into photography but when I get the chance its a lot of fun and I do enjoy it. And that was it. Competition over.

Pasha and Daniella won latin! How cute are they!? Sooo good!

And yes... these are magical baller shades... to match my baller 1st place medal...hehehe, jk.

Time for sleep.

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  1. Nice shades, very, um... BALLER. HAHAHA. There really isn't a better term to describe them.

    Yeah, if Andre Gavrilene were judging me, I'd dance my heart out for him too, and serve it to him on a silver platter afterwards.