Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jewelry - My cup of tea

While wandering the Ann Arbor Art Fair with my friend, we came across this booth of jewelry makers:

And they have some of the most exquisitely crafted jewelry...well in my taste, especially the rings. And they custom make stuff too, if you have a stone you want to use! If I ever get married, (well the ring is not that important to me, except it should be gold if anything) I'd like one of theirs, I think. Very unique, not abnormally large or hefty, or pointy, not overpowering, quite delicate instead. And the band comes together with it very artistically, if you want. And they don't cost an arm and a leg.
Simple band is even quite fancy

Their bigger, more fancy rings are stunning in a very aristocratic, delicate style as well.

Amethyst and Garnet with pearls

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The man in black

I think I have discovered the source of my fixation with masked men. I have this strange fascination for mysterious men wearing masks for as long as Ive been able to recognize what is attractive in a man, ie. zorro, the Opera ghost, V, etc. (my friends can vouch for me). I recently rewatched this movie that I havent seen since my childhood, it's called "The Princess Bride", many may have heard about it, or even seen it. As I was watching it I definitely understood a lot more of than when I was younger and a lot of the plot made more sense. I was half expecting it to be a cheesy story with cheesy acting, as many movies are when you watch them later on in life, as great as you remember them to be and as fond of memories they stir in you. But, on the contrary, it was still an amazing love-adventure story and believe it or not I fell in love with Wesley all over again. Mysterious masked man in black, great with a sword, trying to save the princess through sword fights, giants, poison, fire swamps, ROUSs, torture machines...all for true love... All the while keeping his cool and slightly sarcastic exterior, and all the while believing true love will conquer all. I really like this movie! This was probably one of my first favorite movies too and I remember when we were kids, me, my brother and our friends would act it out, and I was always the princess :).
The princess however I may have some qualms with. I guess there is some deep desire to be a pure princess and be rescued...Ah! to be rescued in the name of love! But, I always saw myself being more of a Xena warrior princess than a completely helpless damsel in distress. I mean there are moments where Princess Buttercup stands up for herself, but there are moments where I think to myself, how can you seriously be sooo helpless! Like when she just stands there and watches Wesley wrestle the Giant Rat unable to pick up a stick and at least try to help him somehow. I suppose I cannot be to quick to judge though, as you cant really say what you would have done in the situation unless you were really there. Still... she is however necessary in exactly this state for the story to be as good as it is though. A romantic adventure.
I suppose true love is true love and if they love each other through thick and thin, that is an amazing accomplishment, and to think that they both started as peasants.

The man in black shall forever be my ideal rescuer however. He is handsome, smart, agile, a master swordsman, can ride a horse, keeps his cool, has extraordinary will power and courage, rescues his beloved through anything and everything and on top of that...he's a a mask!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Lovely One...

Lovely one,
just as on the cool stone
of the spring, the water
opens a wide flash of foam,
so is the smile of your face,
lovely one.

Lovely one,
with delicate hands and slender feet
like a silver pony,
walking, flower of the world,
thus I see you,
lovely one.

Lovely one,
with a nest of copper entangled
on your head, a nest
the color of dark honey
where my heart burns and rests,
lovely one.

Lovely one,
your eyes are too big for your face,
your eyes are too big for the earth.

There are countries, there are rivers,
in your eyes,
my country is your eyes,
I walk through them,
they light the world
through which I walk,
lovely one.

Lovely one,
your breasts are like two loaves made
of grainy earth and golden moon,
lovely one.

Lovely one,
your waist,
my arm shaped it like a river when
it flowed a thousand years through your sweet body,
lovely one.

Lovely one,
there is nothing like your hips,
perhaps earth has
in some hidden place
the curve and the fragrance of your body,
perhaps in some place,
lovely one.

Lovely one, my lovely one,
your voice, your skin, your nails,
lovely one, my lovely one,
your being, your light, your shadow,
lovely one,
all that is mine, lovely one,
all that is mine, my dear,
when you walk or rest,
when you sing or sleep,
when you suffer or dream,
when you are near or far,
you are mine, my lovely one,

"Call the number on your screen toll free if you need some romance in your life..." lol

Pablo Neruda is one of my favorite poets. He was a Chilean Communist and political figure but also a poet and has some of the most beautiful poetry I've ever read. The metaphors are really what make it so vivid and romantic and *sigh. Even though all of his poems are originally in Spanish I think, the English translations are still phenomenol.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday - Day 5 of Nationals 2010

This was the busiest and hardest most tiring day of all! Started with prechamp Smooth... which we won, woohooo!!! Then it was Prechamp Standard and Prechamp Latin, a couple hour break for lunch and rest, and then the night event, Champ Smooth.
After winning Prechamp smooth, thanks only to my new heel protectors that helped me stay balanced, 4th in Prechamp standard was the most unexpected success. I remember thinking, "Let's just make it to the second round!" After seeing our number on the screen I was ecstatic. Next I thought we'd be lucky to make it to the next round but didnt hope for much, and then we did! My hope, but not expectation, was only to make semi's and we were now in quarters. By the end of that round my feet were in almost unbearable pain and I thought we were done. Then again, our number on that screen and the next round. I thought thats it, my goal complete, I dont think I even want to be in the finals anymore... I dont think my feet will survive the finals, but then Alex comes up and says, "Well I hope you have one more in you... because were in the finals!" Being very tired, the key to dancing is revealed...stay relaxed! It helps. But if you want to know the real reason why we danced to so well?...Because Andrei Gavriline was watching that entire Standard section and I danced and smiled my heart out for him, well and for ourselves as well, but you know. Anyway, it was fun, we did great! I was happy and the pain was worth it.

Prechamp Latin took us to our goal: semifinals. I cannot believe that my favorite Rumba songs came on for one of the rounds. It was an amazing experience. Also they played this fun reggaeton Samba and for some reason, similarly as in the Arnold dance comp during the samba I had this feeling come over me halfway through, a feeling rejoicing, "This is so much fun! This is why I dance!" To feel the music overtake your body, the rhythm pumping through you, your body responds to it with joy and movement.

After the complete exhaustion, nourishing and abundant food and a nap are in due order. We went to this classic LA breakfast joint called the Pantry. I think I got one of the omelettes, and then we split a peach cobbler... let me just mention how enormous all the portions are to match the prices.

Although we didn't get past the first round (Semi's) of Champ Smooth, it was exhilarating to be under those night event lights.

Then of course we watched the Youth Champ Standard and Adult Champ Latin. And we took pictures. Im not one too much into photography but when I get the chance its a lot of fun and I do enjoy it. And that was it. Competition over.

Pasha and Daniella won latin! How cute are they!? Sooo good!

And yes... these are magical baller shades... to match my baller 1st place medal...hehehe, jk.

Time for sleep.