Saturday, August 14, 2010

The man in black

I think I have discovered the source of my fixation with masked men. I have this strange fascination for mysterious men wearing masks for as long as Ive been able to recognize what is attractive in a man, ie. zorro, the Opera ghost, V, etc. (my friends can vouch for me). I recently rewatched this movie that I havent seen since my childhood, it's called "The Princess Bride", many may have heard about it, or even seen it. As I was watching it I definitely understood a lot more of than when I was younger and a lot of the plot made more sense. I was half expecting it to be a cheesy story with cheesy acting, as many movies are when you watch them later on in life, as great as you remember them to be and as fond of memories they stir in you. But, on the contrary, it was still an amazing love-adventure story and believe it or not I fell in love with Wesley all over again. Mysterious masked man in black, great with a sword, trying to save the princess through sword fights, giants, poison, fire swamps, ROUSs, torture machines...all for true love... All the while keeping his cool and slightly sarcastic exterior, and all the while believing true love will conquer all. I really like this movie! This was probably one of my first favorite movies too and I remember when we were kids, me, my brother and our friends would act it out, and I was always the princess :).
The princess however I may have some qualms with. I guess there is some deep desire to be a pure princess and be rescued...Ah! to be rescued in the name of love! But, I always saw myself being more of a Xena warrior princess than a completely helpless damsel in distress. I mean there are moments where Princess Buttercup stands up for herself, but there are moments where I think to myself, how can you seriously be sooo helpless! Like when she just stands there and watches Wesley wrestle the Giant Rat unable to pick up a stick and at least try to help him somehow. I suppose I cannot be to quick to judge though, as you cant really say what you would have done in the situation unless you were really there. Still... she is however necessary in exactly this state for the story to be as good as it is though. A romantic adventure.
I suppose true love is true love and if they love each other through thick and thin, that is an amazing accomplishment, and to think that they both started as peasants.

The man in black shall forever be my ideal rescuer however. He is handsome, smart, agile, a master swordsman, can ride a horse, keeps his cool, has extraordinary will power and courage, rescues his beloved through anything and everything and on top of that...he's a a mask!

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  1. I have major issues with Buttercup too, but who doesn't love Wesley????? I had such a big crush on Cary Elwys when I was a child, siiiiiiigh.

    "LIFE IS PAIN, HIGHNESS. Anyone who says different is either lying or trying to sell you something."