Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lace experiments

This skirt was conceived when I made a similar skirt for a friend of mine out of just a soft pink fabric from a simple pattern. I wanted to make a skirt just like the one I made for her but unfortunately did not have the pattern to go off of so I made it up and it turned out quite similar but not exactly copy and once again I though that the addition of black lace paired with the soft lavender would make a vivid contrast similar to what is done with lingerie. I had this scrap piece of lace that I decided to use with it. What I did not take into account was that the lavender was stretchy while the lace was not... Fortunately I was sewing for myself and the fact that it just barely could slide up over my hips was just fine, otherwise I or anybody else may have had a hard time putting it on, the purpose of stretch was kind of defeated. Also, since I was into dancing at that time I decided a slit would be just the thing and added the lace at the bottom to balance the top! This skirt isnt as flowy as I prefer but it definitely works for practices and dance parties. I am really a fan of the contrast of black lace in contrast with a more softer lighter fabric.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lets Scrap...skirt?

So Im not quite sure if its a good or bad habit but every time I go to a fabric store I always go through the remnant pile and find some piece I really like but I have no clue what I will be using it for a the time, but Ill get it anyway. There are several pieces in my fabric collection waiting for their time. That was the story with this silky grey sheer print material. Then one day after another skirt I made with the lavender material I accidentally saw them next to each other and since the grey draped and flowed so nicely I really wanted alot of it kind of bunched together...actually I have no clue how I came up with this design except that I had two pieces of fabric and I just combined them. This was quite a while ago too, one of my first non pattern followed pieces. The two fabrics complement each other quite well, I think, despite the different colors and feels. Turned out quite fun...but again, hard to match. I like to wear it to dance parties or socials as it can pass for both latin and standard skirt, although I consider it more latin. Scrap materials can be the most fun sometimes!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Victorian elegance

This is the skirt piece to the 2-piece prom "dress" set I made myself Senior year of high school. At this point Im still learning and this was the "biggest" project that I had made at that point in time. The top, a corset, broke and was not ever perfect to begin with so it was taken apart and I began to put it back together and now it has been in my "Unfinished business" box for over 4 years, I still plan on bringing it to completion, when is a different story. I really wanted to make my prom dress that year and really liked the mixture of 17th century nobility and victorian so I picked a red fabric and black lace trim, but unfortunately I could have chosen a different better fabric, something rich and smooth for the occasion. Instead, I chose a stretch dance fabric that is better suited for latin dresses or skating costumes than a prom dress (probably part of the reason the corset didn't turn out as I planned, as it was my first corset attempt basically as well.) Anyway, I still love the skirt style and the red with black lace combo, but unfortunately don't have many occasions to wear it to, as you cannot really dance in it, or find tops to match it. Besides prom, I think I wore it one other time to a new years party. All is a learning experience.