Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lace experiments

This skirt was conceived when I made a similar skirt for a friend of mine out of just a soft pink fabric from a simple pattern. I wanted to make a skirt just like the one I made for her but unfortunately did not have the pattern to go off of so I made it up and it turned out quite similar but not exactly copy and once again I though that the addition of black lace paired with the soft lavender would make a vivid contrast similar to what is done with lingerie. I had this scrap piece of lace that I decided to use with it. What I did not take into account was that the lavender was stretchy while the lace was not... Fortunately I was sewing for myself and the fact that it just barely could slide up over my hips was just fine, otherwise I or anybody else may have had a hard time putting it on, the purpose of stretch was kind of defeated. Also, since I was into dancing at that time I decided a slit would be just the thing and added the lace at the bottom to balance the top! This skirt isnt as flowy as I prefer but it definitely works for practices and dance parties. I am really a fan of the contrast of black lace in contrast with a more softer lighter fabric.

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