Monday, November 1, 2010

Victorian elegance

This is the skirt piece to the 2-piece prom "dress" set I made myself Senior year of high school. At this point Im still learning and this was the "biggest" project that I had made at that point in time. The top, a corset, broke and was not ever perfect to begin with so it was taken apart and I began to put it back together and now it has been in my "Unfinished business" box for over 4 years, I still plan on bringing it to completion, when is a different story. I really wanted to make my prom dress that year and really liked the mixture of 17th century nobility and victorian so I picked a red fabric and black lace trim, but unfortunately I could have chosen a different better fabric, something rich and smooth for the occasion. Instead, I chose a stretch dance fabric that is better suited for latin dresses or skating costumes than a prom dress (probably part of the reason the corset didn't turn out as I planned, as it was my first corset attempt basically as well.) Anyway, I still love the skirt style and the red with black lace combo, but unfortunately don't have many occasions to wear it to, as you cannot really dance in it, or find tops to match it. Besides prom, I think I wore it one other time to a new years party. All is a learning experience.

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