Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This Rhumba makes me want to cry its so perfect

I really enjoy the Blackpool congress demonstrations because everything looks so simple (even though I love costumes and showcases) and yet so full of emotion, the dancing is pure and beautiful. no fillers or mucking around, as fun as it is to watch.

This is one with Yulia and her old partner Max Kozhevnikov, I think 2 years ago when they still danced together. Another rhumba. (although the announcer is a bit of a fruit).

Do you like one over the other? Why? I can't say that I like one better but I dont really like to compare dancers because they are great in their own ways and its way beyond me to critique them. Especially when it is two favorite couples. I think both couples demonstrated the contrast of quick and slow movements characteristic of the rhumba exquisitely. When I watch how Michael and Joanna dance to this music that beforehand I really did not like (Empress Orchestra - Cuban Love Song) and how they made every movement match the movement and changes in the music I get goosebumps - and that's from the youtube screen, can you imagine live. Now everytime I hear this song I get this image of Joannna and Michael, and I can really get into the movement when I pretend I am her, it really helps, and its fun, pretending you are that good, believe it or not it makes me dance better, I think.

I realize that I have not posted any standard videos even though I dance all 10 dances. And I really like standard as well. well, here are a few. Mirko Gozzoli and Alessia Betti, number 1 champions in the world right now. Tango please.

Do you see how still their frame is?!

Timothy Howson and Joanna Bolton. Waltz. The thing I really like about these demos is that they do choreography that I have learned and seeing pros do it makes it even more fascinating, "OH, thats how it looks!"... on the dance floor in a different sequence. Its like, "I know that move! oh and that one! We do that in our routine!" Its really makes me feel connected to my dancing more and inspiring. Of course seeing cool stuff that I cannot do yet is awesome but its more achievable when you see the people you admire do the thing you just learned, its almost if a link is formed.

And Ill finish with something that just blew me away, its very unconventional and yet not extremely complicated if taken separately.

Brian Watson and Carmen former Latin Champions and William Pino and Alessandra, top standard professiols.
Its absolutely mesmerizing! They are doing the same movements but one is standard stylized and the other latin. And using the same music they do their own style of dance! And the way they keep switching partners...This whole showcase makes me giddy! Watch it, Love it!


  1. Yes, that announcer is totally a fruit!

  2. Hey that announcer looks like Taliat Tarsimov...

    Sweet lord that last video of Carmen and Brian and Pino and Alessandra is a dynamite! My jaw fell, Amen.