Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Its been a while...

This past sunday I went to Balroom Dance club open dancing at the Michigan Union and even though it was in the small Pendleton room, I had a lot of fun dancing. The past few weeks I would come only for about an hour or less towards the end, if at all, and even though I always have fun dancing some times are better than others. I realized after almost 2 hours that I hadn't danced that much in a really long time. I had danced almost to every song that as played. My feet were screaming this. And my pedicured toes were very angry. An yet, a bunch of us went out salsa dancing at Cafe Habana afterwards. For another two hours. It was great! the room was not as crowded as it usually is on Thursdays and we were basically the only people dancing there. A lot of the team members that usually go to open dance were not there that day perhaps because of the IDB dance camp that weekend, or because it was a holiday weekend, or because of the room the dancing was in. But, those that came managed to meet and befriend new people as well as see some older acquaintances. It just turned out to be a very fun night, despite the fact I could hardly walk the next day. Its time to renew my friendship with my calluses, if I plan on dancing next semester. Step 1: studio time. Step 2: find a partner.

random thought of the day: I think this series of pictures is hilarious and awesome!


  1. hahhhahaha the photographer who took those pictures must be amused by his/her work when editing