Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 3 LA - Novice Latin

Novice Latin at 1pm.

Lets see...If we have to be there by 12 that means we should leave the apartment at 11.30 or so that means I have to get up at 9.30 and start getting ready. Ok not too bad. Hair, makeup - done - with difficulty as always. Time for breakfast - no. Called the cab twice because the first time they never picked us up but registered it as if they did. While waiting we grabbed a quick bite at the food court, I think it was some kind of shawarma or something, very difficult to eat let just put it that way, and besides a few bites we didn't really get to eat it until after dancing. Alex's mom actually came into to LA the night before and was staying for the weekend with her friend to watch us dance. She is quite the mother, very funny, very cute, very adoring.
Novice Latin went great! Made it to the finals! 5th place! The only thing that really bothered me (which turned out to be ok) was that while standing in line for the Latin, I spot two older men staring at me and whispering to each other. Alex asks if there is a problem and I ask if its about the feathers I have attached to my costume. They don't give us an answer and instead turn to each other and start talking, then they call over an on-deck lady (who is really nice actually) and started discussing with her. They wouldn't even tell me what was wrong which was really frustrating because its my costume after all and I would know best how to fix it. I was borrowing my friend Alice's latin dress and she let me pin it up and alter it a bit for a bit more flamboyant look and attach the pink boa. It worked out great. The lady finally turns to me and starts readjusting my dress, she starts to explain that I have to much skin showing on my hip and that area cannot be shown. Well thanks for telling me! I fixed it by tucking a piece of my dress over it and it was easy and didn't cause too much stress but it was a bit annoying when people don't tell you directly what is wrong and start to figure it out without your input especially when it concerns you. But in the end all went well.
The restaurant we went to was called the Farm, I believe. My caramelized pear sandwich and fries was quite delicious. After lunch we lounged around the hotel room, watched a few rounds of adult latin and then decided to head home since Henry invited us to a Bingo night that the apartment complex we were staying at was having. And we decided get a few groceries along the way. The mistake however was the walk with the heavy grocery bags. It was quite torturous but we made it.
The bingo night is arranged by the owner of the apartment complex in the little food court area with free food and drinks from the little shops. There were quesadillas, tacos and margaritas, chinese food, various mac-and-cheese trays, beer and BINGO, with real prizes, quite good ones too. We hung out with Henry and met some of his friends but retired to bed early as Standard will be at 8:30 in the morning the next day.

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  1. Where are the other entries??? Where are the revealing pictures of your latin outfit????