Saturday, April 9, 2011

I need a standard dress: Take #2

After realizing that dark purple is not really my shade or color nor a very vibrant exciting color for ballroom dancing I decided it was time for a new standard dress. The reason I focused on standard designs throughout college is because latin outfits and dresses are easier to come by and put together. I went to the fabric store and picked out a light breezy delicate pink fabric, that I though would suit my needs. Slightly altering a pattern by widening the panels near the bottom to a final diameter of about 10 meters and creating a lower back, I soon encountered problems with the light weave of the fabric and the non-stretchiness of it. It required me to put in a double under layer for the bust since the fabric was slightly see through, and also to install boob cups for support which I had never done before in any of my projects. I also had to put in the straps across the back to hold the dress on. At the end I created white shiny disattachable floats for versatility and attached white pearlescent appliques. Since this dress was supposed to be a transitional dress between syllabus and open levels and also between Smooth and Standard styles I did not stone it but made do with non sparkly elements and made it very versatile. It lasted me maybe a year of competition before I moved on to my next project due again to the lack of color brilliance in this piece, and progression to upper level dancing. I still really like the softness of the dress and the extremely flared skirt. These pictures show only one option of float attachment. There are two, and one can position them whatever the preference.

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