Thursday, September 23, 2010

The power of heels

I love shoes! I was just randomly browsing a site, and found these gorgeous pieces of art for your feet. Men and woman alike often wonder why some women willingly go through that torture of a new 5inch shiny pair of shoes; shoes are the ultimate fashion accessory. Its amazing what a pair of shoes will do for a woman. A gorgeous pair of heels not only enhances the ideal curve for the female body but also gives a woman that extra bit of confidence that few other things can achieve. A pair of heels is a power. A secret weapon of outwardly femininity. And thats besides what they actually do for the body, like "put the booty on a pedestal", arch the back, tuck in the tummy, slim the shiluoette, accentuate the bust, and most importantly of all extend the leg line, curving the foot to produce a most elegant line from head to toe, with an additional sexy swaying of the hips when walking. But, one must remember that although they bring out a confidence and grace, and can help emphasize it, a hunch or stumbling can ruin it if you are not careful. Please please be able to walk in the shoes if you are going to wear them and please don't pigeon toe. It breaks all those amazing lines that heels want to create naturally. Your legs may still look great but the poise of the body diminishes and its all about straight legs and a head held high with a radiant smile. A shoe does not even have to be that fancy, take that simple black pump, simple yet provocative with the red sole. Of course the ultimate pair of heels is not only beautiful but also comfortable, because a comfortable woman is a confident woman, and the confident woman is a beautiful woman, but as the quote goes, "Beauty is pain"; sometimes sacrifices must be made, the intention just must be clear. And for a fun fact, the first stilletto (italian for small dagger) was invented in 1954 by Roger Vivier for the house of Dior.

Being on a tight budget for most of my life I cannot afford the glory of a real italian shoe regularly. But when I was able to get my hands on a good pair of shoes (not chinese made), well made and selling for more than a pretty penny (always bought on sale of course), those are the shoes that last me the longest and give my feet the least amount of suffering. It seems that my feet just feel so at home in them. Take for example my Juicy Couture boots that Ive been wearing for 4 winters now and counting, that have provided me with comfort, waterproofing and unique elegance every time, whether on a casual day in class or a night out (I just have to polish them off once in a while). Nothing compares to trying on a pair of nice italian shoes. Without even looking at the price or the brand you know you are wearing something special. Your feel meld into them. The leather is perfectly supple, strong and soft at the same time and you can feel the magic that the shoes are infused with.

Well, happy shopping! Just be wise. A woman is a beautiful woman without the shoes as well.

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